Committees & Members

Building and Grounds Committee     

Mark Tetzlaff - chair
Bob Mooren
Brian Tetzlaff
Don De Valk
Ron Geurts


Care Ministry
Amy Ashenbrenner
Jean Beatty
Dennis & Clare Bowers
Mel DeBroux
Dcn Dr Mark & Mary Ebben
Patrick & Patricia Farrell
Audrey & Roger Meulemans
Dianne Niquette
Pam VanDera
Ellen Courtney
Myron Geiser
Jennifer Tetzlaff (Sub)
Judy Heindel (Sub)


Cemetery Committee

Jerry Schumann - chair
Gordy Vosters
Bert Tennessen
David Haessly
Sheldon Niquette
Scott Hietpas (Manager)
Katie Peters (Bookkeeper)

Cemetery pricing - rules document


Compassionate Friends Committee 

A small group of dedicated, compassionate people who minister to those in the Holy Cross Parish community who have lost loved ones.

Terry Van Zeeland - chair
Patty DeGroot
Mary Rollo
Denise Hoelzel
Dianne Niquette
Bonnie Golden
Pat Van Den Heuvel
Ruth Sessler
Jean Weyenberg
Karen Geertz


Finance Committee

Mission: To assist the pastor in wise stewardship of the material gifts entrusted by God to the parish in support of the mission of the parish and broader church.

Fr. Don Everts
Dcn Bruce Corey
Lyle Diedrich - Trustee
Robin Van Zeeland - Trustee
Joe Van De Hey
Mark Tetzlaff
Dennis Bowers
Tammy Schmahl - Office Manager


Ladies of Holy Cross

Mission: The mission of the Ladies of Holy Cross is to build community through service to our parish in the form of funeral dinners, social refreshments and fundraisers including bake sales and a salad luncheon.

Paula Vosters
Kay Weins
Diane Geurts
Lynn Voet
Lisa Natrop
All Ladies of Holy Cross


Pastoral Council Committee

Mission: To listen to and respond to the Spirit of God, organize lay participation and cooperation, facilitate shared practical wisdom, and do parish planning.

Pastoral Council meetings are open to parishioners, feel free to join us in Friendship hall, second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

Fr. Don Everts - pastor
Dcn Bruce Corey
Tammy Eiting - chair
Brian Rameker - Vice-chair
Brian Hooyman - Secretary
Ron Biese


Social Justice Ministry

Mission: To improve life as a whole by planning, organizing, advocating and implementing activities that are central to the church's mission of promoting peace and social justice as seen through the lens of Catholic social teaching.

Cristina Heindel - Co-chair
Jean Beatty - Warming Shelter
Bonnie Schaffer - Prayer Shawl


Stewardship Committee

Mission: The mission of the Stewardship committee is to help the parish community, households and individual parishioners to grow in their stewardship awareness and understanding, enabling them to lead a stewardship way of life.

Jennifer Van Helvoirt


 Visitation Committee

Judy Diedrich - Co-chair
Pat Dercks - Co-chair
Imelda Hietpas
Mary Van Lanen
Bonnie Golden
Mary Huss
Josie Robinson
Audrey Huss
Pat Siebers
Clare Bowers
Ron & Jan Van De Hey


Welcoming Committee

Our Welcoming Committee welcomes new members to our parish and invites them to become involved in one (or more) of our wonderful opportunities to put our faith into action.

Diane Baumgart
Jerry & Shelly Gavin
Roger & Audrey Meulemans
Jane Cops
Leah Williamson


If you wish to view any meeting minutes, please contact the parish office 766-1445 for committee contact information.