Bible - Gospel of Mark (Audio)

The Truth and Life Dramatic Audio Bible  
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Chapter 1 
the preaching of John the Baptist,
the baptism of Jesus,
the temptation of Jesus,
the beginning of the galilean ministry,
the call of the first disciples,
cure of a demoniac,
the cure of Simon's mother-in-law,
other healings,
Jesus leaves Capernaum,
the cleansing of a leper.

Chapter 2 
the healing of a paralytic,
the call of Levi,
the question about fasting,
the disciples and the Sabbath.

Chapter 3 
a man with a withered hand,
the mercy of Jesus,
the mission of the twelve,
blasphemy of the scribes,
Jesus and Beelzebul,
Jesus and His family.

Chapter 4 
the parable of the sower,
the purpose of the parables,
parable of the lamp,
seed grows of itself,
the mustard seed,
the calming of a storm at sea.

Chapter 5 
the healing of the Gerasene demoniac,
Jairus's daughter and the woman with a hemorrhage

Chapter 6 
the rejection at Nazareth,
the mission of the twelve,
Herod's opinion of Jesus,
the death of John the baptist,
the return of the twelve,
the feeding of the five thousand,
the walking on the water,
the healings at Gennesaret.

Chapter 7 
the tradition of the elders,
the Syrophoenician woman's faith,
the healing of a deaf man.

Chapter 8 
the feeding of the four thousand,
the demand for a sign,
the leaven of the Pharisees,
the blind man of Bethsaida,
Peter's confession about Jesus,
the first prediction of the Passion,
the conditions of discipleship.

Chapter 9 
the transfiguration of Jesus,
the coming of Elijah,
the healing of a boy with a demon,
the second prediction of the Passion,
the greatest in the Kingdom,
another exorcist,
temptations to sin,
the simile of sald

Chapter 10 
marriage and divorce,
blessing of the children,
the rich man,
the third prediction of the Passion,
ambition of James and John,
the blind Bartimaeus.

Chapter 11 
the entry into Jerusalem,
Jesus curses a fig tree,
cleansing of the temple,
the withered fig tree,
the authority of Jesus questioned.

Chapter 12 
parable of the tenants,
paying taxes to the emperor,
the question about the resurrection,
the greatest commandment,
the question about David's son,
denunciation of the scribes,
the poor widow's contribution.

Chapter 13 
the destruction of the temple foretold,
the signs of the end,
the coming persecution,
the great tribulation,
the coming of the Son of Man,
the lesson of the fig tree,
need for watchfulness.

Chapter 14  
the conspiracy against Jesus,
the anointing at Bethany,
the betrayal by Judas,
preparations for the Passover,
the betrayer,
the Lord's Supper,
Peter's denial foretold,
the agony in the garden,
the betrayal and arrest of Jesus,
Jesus before the Sanhedrin,
Peter's denial of Jesus.

Chapter 15 
Jesus before Pilate,
the sentence of death,
mockery by the soldiers,
the way of the cross,
the crucifixion,
the death of Jesus,
the burial of Jesus.

Chapter 16 
the resurrection of Jesus,
the appearance to Mary Magdalene,
the appearance to two disciples,
the commissioning of the eleven,
the ascension of Jesus


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