Elizabeth Ministry

Elizabeth Ministry

 Pregnancy ~ Birth ~ Adoption ~  Infertility ~Stillbirth ~ 
Miscarriage ~ Infant or Child Death ~ Crisis or Special Needs

 Elizabeth Ministry is a program in which women help other women during times of pregnancy, birth, adoption or infant crisis.  It also provides support to those who are suffering the pain of miscarriage, infertility or failed adoption.

How does this unique ministry work?  Women volunteer to become ministers in the areas they have experienced.  For example, a woman who has twins would visit someone expecting twins.  Continued support is given throughout the pregnancy and after birth.  This support comes in the form of visits, phone calls and cards.

In addition to visitors, there are many ministers who work behind the scenes.  These ministers donate or handcraft items that are included in the gift bags that are given to new parents and the gift bags given out at the Expectant Family Blessing.  The ministry also sends out postcards to new parents congratulating them on bringing new life into the community.

The ministry supports families in prayer with the Rose Program.  The Rose Program is a visual reminder of the precious blessing of each new life.  Roses are located in a basket next to the Elizabeth Ministry table located in the back of church.  Each rose has a unique meaning:
a pink rose is to honor pregnancy and the unborn baby; a red rose celebrates a birth or adoption; a white rose remembers a child lost through miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or infant or child death; a purple rose represents a special prayers for a family.  The informational cards that go along with the roses are located on the Elizabeth Ministry table.  The card has a place to write information regarding pregnancy, bitth, adoption, loss or trying to conceive or adopt.  People are invited to remove a rose from the basket, fillout the appropriate card; put the card in the woooden box located on the table and put the rose in the vase.  By placing the card in the box, your information is only shared with the members of the Elizabeth Ministry.

Prayer cards for various situations are displayed next to the vase.  Anyone filling out a rose card is invited to take a prayer card for their personal meditation.  Church members promise to pray for those the rose represent.

Is extensive training needed to become an Elizabeth Minister?
No.  The majority of the training needed to become an Elizabeth Minister is personal experience.  Elizabeth Ministers are not counselors or experts.  They are women willing to share their time and experieces.  An easy-to-follow Training and Visitor's Manual provides step-by-step detailed information on the ministry.

Does Elizabeth Ministry require a lot of time?
Again, no.  an Elizabeth Minister is able to adjust time requirements to fit her schedule and to fit the neeeds of those to whom she is ministering.  Brief visits, phone calls and cards provide a tremendous amount of support with a minimal amount of time.

If you are interested in becoming one of the women of the parish who performs visits, please call Dianne Niquette at 920-759-9766 or Jean Beatty at 920-766-1135. We invite you to prayerfully consider helping in this very important ministry. You can make a difference!

The Elizabeth Ministry International Retreat & Resource Center
is located at 120 W. 8th Street, Kaukauna, WI 54130, phone (920) 766-9380. The resource center offers a wide variety of written resource material as well as many gift items. Stop in and browse or visit the store on-line.


 Among God's best gift to us, are the people who love and support us.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who support Elizabeth Ministry through anonymous donations, making items for the gift bags and for your prayers.  Your continued support helps the Minsitry fulfill its mission - Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, we visit and share the sacredness of life!  God Bless!