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As part of normal faith formation: Students who have been part of our faith formation process at Holy Cross Parish begin their preparation for Confirmation during their Junior Year of High School (11th grade). This consists of three Sunday evenings, Interview with coordinator, and a retreat. The actual confirmation rite will take place at the beginning of their Senior Year of High School (12th grade) after an evening of reflection.  If you would like to be confirmed or have a student of this age who would like to be confirmed, please call our Faith Formation office and they will be able to assist you with any information.

Adult Confirmation: If for some reason you were not able to be confirmed at a younger age or you decided to postpone your confirmation, then you can be confirmed as an adult. Since Confirmation is necessary for marriage many people approach confirmation before their wedding. Adult confirmation consists of a series of gatherings to discuss and learn about our Catholic Faith. Adults at Holy Cross are confirmed at the Easter Vigil on the Saturday evening before Easter Sunday.

If you are an adult who would like to be confirmed please contact our Adult Confirmation Coordinator, Gloria Schuh.  

To learn more about the sacrament of Confirmation, go to the faith formation button on the left and select confirmation from the drop down menu.

You can also learn more by clicking on the "worship" button at the top of our website and select "sacraments" from the drop down menu.