Construction update

Steeple work  July 2016


September 4, 2016  Bulletin post from Fr Tom:

It is Beginning!  
As we have watched the steeple, roof and clock repaired, everyone has been asking when our project will begin inside of the Church. When you get to Church next weekend, it is our plan to have six pews removed. Our project has now begun inside of the Church. We will try to continue to have Mass in the Church as long as possible since the pew refinishing company can only work on about six pews at a time.  After the pews are removed, we will begin to set up for painting the  Church and working on windows. We need to remove the pews so we will have space to work.    
People have been asking about where we will  worship during the project. My hope is that we can stay in the main body of the Church for much of the early project as long as it is clean and safe. However, eventually we will be working on the sanctuary of the Church (the  altar  area). When  that happens, we will plan to move down to  Friendship Hall. Friendship Hall is handicap accessible and can be left set up all week. The one  issue with Friendship Hall would be funeral dinners. We hope this will not last too long.  Once things get moving with the project, we are hoping things happen very quickly. It is our goal to have most of the project done before Thanksgiving.  As we work  on the Church (the building), I hope that you will keep the Church (the People of Holy Cross) in your prayers. We should never forget that we are gathered together by the Holy Spirit, as Church, for serving God in worship and service.  
Fr. Tom


 October 2, 2016  Bulletin post - From Bulletin Editor

Interior Renovation is Beginning.  Exciting!  
Work has begun on the interior of the Church!  There will be lots of noise and movement of workers beginning Monday, October 3, after the 7 am Mass. Here’s what you can expect:  
·  No exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in Church on Mondays.  A  tabernacle  will  be  located  in  Friendship Hall beginning sometime on Monday, but there will be no exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Adoration) until renovation is complete. Feel free to come to Friendship Hall on Mondays to pray before the tabernacle.  
·  Fr. Carl Meulemans will celebrate 7 am Mass  on Monday, October 3, in the Church.  
·  All priests will be at Clergy Days on October 4 and 5, so there will be 7 am Liturgy of the Word with communion on Tuesday and Wednesday (in Friendship Hall).  
·  All weekday and weekend Masses will be held in Friendship Hall until further notice.  It’s starting!  
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